The “National Report Medicare Fraud Day” has been officially recognized by the National Calendar as a national day and placed on its master calendar and website. The National Report Medicare Fraud day will be held for the first time on September 12, 2017, and then annually each September 12.  

The reason for this national day is simple. Medicare fraud affects us all. Ten percent of all Medicare funds are lost due to fraud. Because the government spends $650 billion a year on Medicare, $65 billion a year is lost to Medicare fraud. It’s no wonder why we have a national health care crisis!

The National Report Medicare Fraud Day not only brings awareness to a worthy cause, it arms you – the public – with tools for combating the fraud. The official website to National Report Medicare Fraud Day explains how to report Medicare fraud, which can be done either for a monetary reward or by calling a hotline without a reward. The official website ( even provides a free e-book explaining all of the options, including how to claim a significant reward, for doing the right thing and reporting Medicare fraud. In fact, the average reward for reporting Medicare fraud is $690,000 and some rewards have been as high as $150 million! But it must be the right type of fraud case and reported in a very specific manner to get a reward, as explained on the website and in the free e-book.

It’s time to put an end to fraudulent Medicare claims! Here’s how you can be part of the solution. Simply visit the National Report Medicare Fraud Day official website and follow the steps for reporting fraud or download the free e-book with more instructions for reporting Medicare fraud. The National Report Medicare Fraud Day website and e-book is your one resource for all you need to know about reporting Medicare fraud.


The National Report Medicare Fraud Day started in 2017. It was formed by The Hesch Firm, LLC after founding attorney, Joel D. Hesch, spent over 15 years working in the U.S. Department of Justice’s whistleblower reward office as an attorney. While at DOJ, Mr. Hesch worked on whistleblower fraud cases exceeding $1 billion, including one Medicare fraud case where the government recovered $640 million and paid over $100 million as a whistleblower reward for reporting Medicare fraud. Mr. Hesch and his firm now exclusively represents whistleblowers nationwide in filing for rewards for reporting fraud.

It’s time for you to step forward and report Medicare fraud if you have detailed evidence of widespread fraud.